Now is the Time to Own a Subaru!

Own the fun-packed XV SUV for BD7,995 or the stylish Impreza for BD6,995

Subaru Impreza

With reliability and safety you can count on and performance to get excited about, the Impreza is the foundation for your active life. The Impreza inspires people to get out and live more productive, enjoyable lives and to make every day and every opportunity more meaningful.

Subaru XV

Featuring a combination of stylish urban design and rugged good looks, and new levels of capability to get excited about, the SUBARU XV is the inspiration to live the life you want. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, the SUBARU XV helps you do all the things you love, in style and in comfort. Every day can and should be, a joyful adventure.

Subaru Bahrain Offers

All-Wheel Drive for Maximum Stability

Comfort Key

Keyless Access & Push Button Start

Subaru Bahrain Offers

Smart Connectivity with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

5 stars ranking Euro NCAP

5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

Auto Vehicle Hold Brake system

Auto Vehicle Hold for Safety

Paddle Shifters

Paddle Shifters for Manual Speed Control

X – Mode

X-Mode to tackle rough road conditions

Day time running lights

Daytime Running Lights for enhanced visibility


Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD distributes power to all wheels for better traction on wet and slippery roads. Laid out in a horizontally symmetrical plane, this system has a well-balanced low centre of gravity design for a more stable and safer ride.

What makes it unique?

Unlike traditional “in-line” or “V-type” engine configurations, the pistons’ opposing movements inherently counteract each other, naturally helping to reduce vibration without the need for counter-balancers, which add weight and complexity.

Why Lineartronic?

Subaru Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) incorporates two adjustable pulleys with a chain link for stepless gear ratio. This feature ensures a smooth and comfortable driving experience with optimum power at any speed for better fuel efficiency.

Photo Gallary

Subaru Showroom, Sitra

الشروط والأحكام التابعة لحملة سوبارو Impreza و XV – صيف 2021

  • فترة الحملة: 9 سبتمبر – 9 أكتوبر 2021
  • تطبق العروض المشمولة ضمن الحملة فقط على سوبارو Impreza وسوبارو XV والتي يتم بيعها لدى موترسيتي (الموزع الحصري) في البحرين خلال فترة الحملة.
  • العروض متاحة لجميع العملاء من عمر 18 سنة وما فوق بشرط امتلاكهم بطاقة سكانية أو سجل تجاري ورخصة سياقة صالحة.
  • تفاصيل الحملة:
    • سعر خاص:
      • Impreza :
      • XV :
  • الأسعار تشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة.
  • الرسوم الأخرى التي يتوجب على الزبون دفعها تشمل التسجيل والتأمين.
  • تطبق عروض الحملة على السيارات التي يتم شراؤها خلال فترة الحملة المذكورة أعلاه واعتماداً على توفر الكمية. في حال عدم توفر السيارة المطلوبة، يتوجب على العميل دفع مبلغ مسبق (عربون) لحجزها خلال فترة الحملة والاستفادة من العروض.
  • لا يمكن الاستفادة من عروض هذه الحملة بالتزامن مع أي عرض آخر يجري في المعرض.
  • لا يمكن تحويل العروض إلى مستفيد آخر أو تغييرها.
  • قروض السيارات تخضع لموافقة البنك.
  • تحتفظ شركة موترسيتي بحقها الكامل في تغيير، إلغاء أو إضافة أية بنود من الشروط والأحكام وأسعار السيارات ومتطلبات الاستفادة من العروض خلال فترة الحملة الترويجية، وذلك اعتماداً على توافر مخزون السيارات وفقط بعد الحصول على موافقة وزارة الصناعة والتجارة والسياحة.

Terms and conditions for Summer 2021 Subaru Impreza/XV Campaign

  • Promotion period: From 9th Sep – 9th Oct 2021
  • The Subaru Digital & SoMe campaign will be valid on Subaru Impreza and Subaru XV models sold by Motorcity (authorized retail stores) and is open to all Participants above 18 years of age who are residents of Bahrain with a valid CPR ID and Driver License.
  • Subaru campaign offer details:
    • Special Price:
      • Impreza BD 6,995
      • XV BD 7,995
  • Prices are inclusive of VAT
  • Other charges including Traffic registration, Insurance will have to be paid by the customer.
  • Offer as per the above are applicable only on vehicles purchased during the above stated campaign period (depending on stock availability). In case intended vehicle to be purchased is not available in stocks the customer would need to pay a deposit and book the intended vehicle during the above stated campaign period to be eligible for the campaign offer.
  • The offer on the vehicle purchased is non-transferable and cannot be changed.
  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special promotion running in the showroom
  • Auto loan is subject to bank approval.
  • Motorcity reserves the right and has absolute direction to vary, delete, or add any of the terms and conditions, the vehicle prices and eligibility during the campaign period depending on the stock availability only after informing and taking approval from MOICT.