Symmetrical AWD

Symmetrical AWD was originally designed by Subaru in 1972 and has been constantly incorporating a wide range of technological and engineering advancements as the requirements of drivers have evolved. The core of the Symmetrical AWD system sees the transmission, transfer to propeller shaft and rear differential sit in a straight line behind the SUBARU BOXER engine. This unique system is bilaterally balanced, of a simple design, and has a lower centre of gravity compared to other AWD systems. In addition, if any wheel slips, the torque distribution between the front and rear is controlled automatically. What this provides is the permanent reassurance that you will be driving a car that is famed for its inherent balance and stability in a range of driving conditions.

This unique engine design positions the cylinders 180 degrees apart on both sides of the crankshaft, to form the Horizontally-Opposed SUBARU BOXER Engine. The major advantages of this design include low vibration, superb rotational balance and the ability to position the engine lower in the car for a reduced centre of gravity. Resulting in a powerful and stable rotational feel at all engine speeds, the Impreza is characterised by a sporting edge, which will provide a level of driving enjoyment that other cars would find hard to match.

Three distinctive advantages

Over the years, some cars have been renowned for a lack of balance and poise, resulting in difficult manoeuvring in corners and on roundabouts. The key reason for this is the high centre of gravity from the engine up. However, unlike many cars, the Impreza is built around an inherent low centre of gravity, so there’s much less body roll, providing greater stability.

Keeping the gravity low

Reducing vibration

The SUBARU BOXER engine design has been developed to reduce those vibrations that can make any journey an unpleasant experience. This is because the pistons in the horizontally-opposed layout counteract each other – unlike In-line or V-type engines – The result is a much quieter and smoother interior experience and the optimum level of total driving comfort.

If you have a four-wheel vehicle, it makes perfect sense to have all the tyres providing a tenacious grip of the surface under your car. Subaru Symmetrical AWD delivers this in a variety of road and weather conditions. By transmitting power through all four tyres, the Impreza will avoid understeer or oversteer and therefore perform more assuredly wherever you may venture.

Getting a grip

Sharing the same genes.

Subaru’s participation in the FIA World Rally Championship over many years is no sporting indulgence. The arduous terrain, wide range of surface conditions, differing climates and weather conditions have all played their part in assessing the performance of the rally cars, so the findings can positively benefit the cars sharing the same core technologies you see on the road today.

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